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Гладиатор Гай Ганник

Gannicus is a central character and anti-hero in Spartacus. He serves as champion in Batiatus' Ludus throughout the events of the prequel, Gods of the Arena, until his departure upon earning his freedom in the aftermath of the Games of the New Arena. He later returns in Vengeance initially as an acquaintance to the rebels, criticizing their cause against the Roman Republic, though he ironically becomes a rebel himself for the sake of his closest friend, Oenomaus.
He is often referred to by others as a "God of the Arena" due to his legendary fights as a gladiator that had led to winning his freedom.
Gannicus is a Celtic gladiator at 1.78 m tall, athletic, with tanned skin and long, dirty blonde hair. In later seasons he has a tattoo- an Icelandic symbol called the Helm of awe; to induce fear and to protect against abuse of power, on his left arm. He is noted to be remarkably handsome and charming, enough so to catch even the eye of Gaia, a woman abiding in the wealthy Roman class. He fights dual wielding two swords in the gladiator style of Dimachaerus.
Gannicus proves himself a remarkable physical specimen: fearless in the arena and possessed by a thirst for the fleeting pleasures of life. His love of wine and women, coupled with his unwavering arrogance, is unmatched by any of the other gladiators. For his victories, Gannicus isn't seen training with the other gladiators, but rather he is allowed to train alone in the shade if he wishes. Gannicus is shown to be a close friend to Oenomaus and his wife Melitta, despite taking Oenomaus' place as Champion in Batiatus' Ludus. With a love for battle, he reveals an excited grin whenever confronted.
Though he could take down opponents with swift efficiency, he demonstrates showmanship by pacing his fights with variety of attacks, demonstrating graphically gruesome executions, and laughing and roaring for the spectators. He boasts that he could take on gladiators with his bare hands, and even willingly gets blindfolded during one fight. Though he pursues physical female companionship on a constant basis, Gannicus does not mistreat women and possesses a strong moral code, which is a common trait shared by Spartacus and Oenomaus. Yet, beyond his cockiness, there's an underlying sense of honor about him that creeps to the surface, especially in the presence of Oenomaus. This became strained when he began to struggle with his feelings for Melitta and would later haunt him the following years since his departure. 
At first, Gannicus is doubtful of Spartacus and his cause, believing the man to be a jest the same as the rebellion, but as time passes he slowly joins in with the rebellion and, while not considering himself close with Spartacus by the end of Vengeance, he and Spartacus gain a mutual respect. At the time of War of The Damned, he and Spartacus have become very close and often joke and trade barbs with one another, even providing each other counsel. Spartacus sees Gannicus' potential as a leader and has asked him to become one numerous times, but Gannicus denies stating that he does not wish to become a "God" in the eyes of the rebels like Spartacus has; Yet he still accompanies him and seems to become one of his closest allies. Gannicus, however, still does not truly believe in the cause and instead does it to honor Oenomaus, however, he occasionally acts as a moral advisor to Spartacus, steering him in the right direction, and does embrace him as a brother.
After developing a relationship with Sybil and the departure of Crixus and Agron with half of their army, Gannicus assumes the unnoficial position of second in command in the rebel army. Just before the final battle against Crassus army, he fully accepts becoming a leader under the cause of gaining time so that those unable to fight are able to escape from the grasp of Rome. 
Combat Prowess
As a former champion of not only his house but the arena as well, Gannicus is one of the most skilled, athletic, and durable fighters in the series. Gannicus' true testament to his abilities is he has proved himself an equivalent to Spartacus with skill and sword, while Spartacus is considered one of the best, if not the best fighter in the series. Gannicus himself claims he and Spartacus are equal in skill with swords, but admits that Spartacus is superior to him when using a spear.
Gannicus' fighting style suits his way of thinking. With the Dimachaeri style he can constantly attack and with Pankration he can protect himself with no armor worn. He thrives on athleticism and speed that enables him to bombard rapid strikes and aerial assaults with many jumping motions compared to the other gladiators who prefer more grounded combat style.Gannicus also appears to be able to enter into a berserker rage in combat, which greatly augments his strength and overall ability. This has been seen from his fights with Otho, Barca, The Egyptian, and Crixus.
However, Gannicus' morbid pursuit of thrill by facing death as closely as possible often puts him in dangerous combat situations. He willingly fights Otho without weapons, with a blindfold, and challenges enemies that are physically bigger and stronger than him, such as Caburus, The Egyptian, and Crixus, without hesitation. It is the combination of his obsession for danger, nonchalant attitude against fear, gifted athleticism, and supremely honed fighting skills that allow him to stand victorious against virtually every enemy he has faced while laughing and smiling with joy and excitement.
Gannicus is fully capable of taking down multiple enemies even in tight corridors, such as Ashur's mercenaries and thepirates. During the capture of Ilithyia, he single handedly took down an entire squad of bodyguards through the element of surprise and the aid of night time darkness, as well as a group of hunters who later questioned her presence around the gladiator.
Gannicus "signature attacks" are;
Thrusting his swords at the same time towards the opponent’s neck and either decapitating them or slashing their throats. Most commonly used technique, and a very common way for him to kill enemies.
Jumping towards a wall and performing a 360º flip and either kicking or slashing the opponent with his sword/s.
Gannicus was initially purchased by Titus Lentulus Batiatus in his late adolescence. Gannicus displayed a natural fighting prowess, however due to his arrogance and carefree attitude he was never favoured by Titus and therefore wasn't given much consideration. He did, however, develop a strong friendship with Oenomaus and also befriended other gladiators of note such as Barca and Auctus.
After Titus became ill and move to Sicilia, Quintus became the Dominus of the house after which time he began to utilize Gannicus in the arena more and more. Gannicus proved to be a real sight in the arena and gained a popular following.